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Hurricane Rigging is Wellington's leading marine and architectural rigging service provider. We make, maintain, and repair masts, spars, standing and running rigging for yachts of all types and sizes: dinghies, cruisers, club racers and grand-prix ocean racers.

Suppliers of major hardware brands, we can also make and repair custom components in our own workshop or within our network of specialist engineers.

We stock and sell a wide range of synthetic ropes and will splice halyards, sheets, mooring lines and prepare rope work to meet your needs.

We can service your rigging needs in place on your boat, in our workshop, or can make and deliver to your instructions.

Contact Hurricane Rigging for all your rigging requirements.

Contact Details

  • 027 545 8471
  • 04 385 0827
  • 04 385 0828
  • service@hurricanerigging.co.nz
  • 138d Park Road
  • Miramar, Wellington
  • PO Box 15179
  • Miramar, Wellington

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